Section B 2a-2e教学设计(第一课时)
Section B 2a-2e教学设计(第一课时)
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T:Do you know her ? S:Yes,I do .Her name is …

T:What’s wrong with her ? S:She is deaf and blind . T:But she was chosen one of the top ten greatest women in the world in 1965. 第二张为张海迪照片,问题是:

T:Do you know her ? S:Yes,I do .Her name is …

T:What’s wrong with her ? S:She can’t move.

T:But she describes the world with her hands and her pen. 第四张为以上三个人照片的组合,让学生用以下提示词来描述他们。

disabled people

unlucky have difficulties normal things /open and close doors /carry things clever brave make a difference to 在整个过程中师生对话:

T:What difficulties do you have in your life ? S:I have difficulties running/learning math...

引导学生一起说出:We will never give up making our dream come ture because we are lucky.从而让学生有战胜困难的决心和勇气。


lucky excited kindness 在整个过程中师生对话:

T:Why was she successful ? S:First, she was strong and clever .Second, She met a teacher with kindness. 引导学生一起说出:Our world will be better and better if everyone gives it our kindness.表达帮助别人,共建美好社会的的爱心。

第六张是一组帮助人的片段组合,配有爱的奉献主题音乐,让学生理解并说出:If everyone gives only a little love to others, the world will become more and more beautiful. 第七张是一组介绍世界慈善机构的图片,学习本课单词。

第八张是Animal Helpers图片,学习本课单词引出课题。




Words & phrases: blind, deaf, imagine, difficulty, carry, train, excited, training, kindness, clever, understand, change; set up, make a difference Sentences (1)I’d like to thank you for sending money to “Animal Helpers”. (2)I’ll send you a photo of him if you like. 【技能目标】

学生能运用速读及细读的阅读策略了解文章大意, 把握文章具体信息;通过利用词性来更好的理词义及文章,而且为将来的学习新的单词或短语打下基础。




环节三:Fast-reading Read the letter quickly and find out the answers.

1.What is “Lucky”? 2. Who wrote the letter to Miss Li? [设计意图]通过本环节让学生通过读课文了解文章大意。

环节四:Careful-reading (一)Read Paragraph(段落)1,answer the questions. Why did Ben Smith write the letter? He would like to ____ her for_____ money to the group -Animal Helpers. How did Miss Li help Ben? She_____ money to Animal Helpers. She _______ Ben to _____ _______. (二)Careful-reading II Read Paragraph 2. Answer the question. What difficulties does Ben have? 1.He ____ use arms or legs well. ________ things are difficult, Like answering the telephone, ________ and ________ doors, _________ things (三)Careful-reading III Read Paragraph 3. Answer the questions 1.What can Lucky do to help Ben?

2.How does Ben feel?


环节五:Detailed-reading Read the letter again. Match the different parts.

SUBJECT(主语) VERB(动词) OBJECT(宾语) Miss Li sent money to Animal Helpers . Ben Smith is unable to move well . Animal helpers trains Lucky. Lucky can get things for the disabled people. [设计意图]让学生理解词性,并进行简单句子的句子成分分析,能够熟练准确造句。






1.different/difference/differently (1)There are many ____between A and B . (2) A is ____from B. (3) ____ people describe things____ . 2.luck/lucky/luckily/unlucky/unluckily

(1)Good ____to you. (2) ____,we are out of danger . (3) ____,we are in danger. (4)He is a ____boy.He has a happy family. (5)He is an____boy.His parents both died . 3.difficult/difficulty (1)It's ____to get good grades. (2) I have ____swimming. 环节八:链接中考句型篇


(1)谢谢你的帮助/邀请. (2) 谢谢你帮助我/邀请我. 2.让干某事对某人来将成为可能






(4)早点起床,否则你将迟到. 4.(1)After ____(train),I was able to bring him home. (2)After they ____(train) the dog,I was able to bring him home.






Write a letter about your thanks. 选做作业: Search information about volunteer work on the Interne [设计意图]通过作业分层设置,既能巩固知识又能让不同的学生都有收获。